Victoria Eden    CV in Brief

Recent work

2017 July 7th-21st Bellwood & Wright, Penny St, Lancaster LA1 1XF

2017 February: Sinking of ceramic forms for Lin Youxing and Wu Hongkang-( on-going 'February 5th 2004' installation on Morecambe Bay opposite Priest Skeer..)

2017 January - interview about 'February 5th 2004' piece for radio 4 Aftermath programme

2017 Award: Cumbria Life Culture Awards, finalist with Jan Goodey for Evocative Objects

2016 December/January Upfront Gallery, Unthank, Penrith, Cumbria. Cumbrian Ceramics Show

2016 September: Sprint Mill, C-Art mixed crafts exhibition

2016 April: ‘Evocative Objects’ at Sprint Mill, Burneside, Kendal a two person show with Jan Goodey.

2016 February: Sinking of ceramic forms for Lin Gouging and Chen Muyu

2015 Jan/February: Sinking of ceramic forms for Lin Guahoa, Lin Zhifang, Lin Lishui and Xie Xiaowen.

2014 Installation of ‘February 5th 2004’ at Morecambe for ‘The Sigh of The Sea’ a commemorative event on the tenth anniversary of the cockle pickers disaster organised by More Music Morecambe.

2014 September: Sinking of forms for Cao Chaokun and Wang Xuiyu on Morecambe Bay opposite Priest Skeer.

2014 Development of “Beyond Words“ project (still ongoing)

2007 ‘FRED’ Cumbria outdoor art event. Installation of ‘February 5th 2004’

2007 June/July: “Coast” Rhyl Museum and Art Gallery, Wales

2005-7 Development and making of ‘February 5th 2004’ a 50m long installation on Morecambe Bay in memory of the lost cockle pickers.



2006-12 Head of Art, Casterton School, Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria

2000-2006 Part-time teacher of Ceramics and Art, Casterton School, Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria


Edenceramics in partnership with Michael Eden

1981-2006 Worked with Michael making contemporary slipware at Hale, Cumbria. 

1976 Opened first professional studio making slipware at Silverdale, Lancashire


Selected Exhibitions with Edenceramics 

‘The Snake in The Garden’, touring exhibition of UK, Aberystwyth Arts Centre and 6 other venues: ‘Slipware’ Contemporary Ceramics, London:  British Council, ‘Dish of the Day’ (Egypt and Middle East);

 ‘Time for Tea’ (S America, Mexico, Hong Kong)


Selected Client List; Edenceramics

Contemporary Ceramics, London: Habitat,UK:  Barneys, New York and Tokyo:  Libertys, London:  

The Royal Exchange, Manchester:  The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh,



1999 ‘Slipware: Contemporary Approaches’  pub.  A & C Black ( with Michael Eden)

1999—present- Ceramic Review 7 articles: Ceramics Monthly (USA) 2 articles, Ceramics and Glass(France) 1 article.



2001-2 ‘The Snake in The Garden’ touring exhibition of contemporary slipware with Michael Eden and in collaboration with Aberystwyth Arts Centre; Tullie House, Carlisle and Collins Gallery, University of Strathclyde 


Lectures & Demonstrations

1993-2002 speaker at 10 conferences in UK & Hungary


Television and Film

2008 Film 'On The Night of February 5th 2004’ made by Alex McErlain, Stephen Yates, and John Davis of Manchester Metropolitan University shown at The International Festival Of Ceramics and Glass and subsequently at 8 other conferences or festivals in Europe and Canada.

1999 The Arts & Crafts Show, BBC2 – 7 x 30min TV shows demonstrating ceramic techniques